I’m not one to ever complain really, but the other day guys I was so over it. It had been a long week, one of my girls got a concussion at cheer, so there were doctor appointments, follow up doctor appointments, regular sports practice and games to attend for everyone else. Doctor appointments for me, work to do at home, work to do for my blog and my business. I mean I was spent and in desperate need of some self care tlc.

Personally my body has been fighting against me, (or maybe I’m the one fighting against it.) I’ve delivered 4 babies prior to this and my girls never gave me any of these problems. For the most part those pregnancies were a breeze. Sure normal pregnancy stuff and one major issue in pregnancy #2 for a moment in time, but for the most part my energy was high, I was able to run around alot. I never complained and deliveries were all natural, med free, one, two, three. I was convinced I was totally made for child bearing.

Then Cinco came along, (my first son) and actually gave my body physical pain. I mean I looked amazing, my skin was glowing, My face didn’t blow up, my hair looked amazing, but my pelvis hurt, my hips hurt, my lady parts hurt, I had round ligament pain, bone pain and it seems like his brother is now trying to outdo him in the make mommy feel it category.

On Friday I was so tired, my iron was low and I just physically feel like I’m dragging. If doctors asked me to deliver Baby Seis I would tell them, “Yes Please Induce Me” in a heartbeat.

The husband, DJBLOC was trying to cheer me up after the day’s 32 week check up but I just wanted to go home eat brownies, ice cream and watch mindless TV.

Thankfully that’s exactly what I did and a nap after that did me very good. Then of course just like that Jesus came through and fixed my entire day.

My oldest who was supposed to have volleyball practice until later in the evening walked in the door early with a package from fedex that was left on the porch.

Her coach cancelled practice (gas leak at the school btw) so she was able to catch her regular bus and come straight home… Look at God!

Now I didn’t have to leave the house again for the rest of the day! (small mercies and victories)

I open the package and  to my surprise and excitement its happy blogger mail from Hello Mama Box want to see what was inside?


So I already had my brownies, ice cream, took a nap, and now I was going to lock myself in my en suite with this box, a cup of tea, and enjoy some much deserved, much needed self care time!!

I used the eucalyptus and spearmint body wash from Natural Annie Essentials first. It smelled so good I think I spent an extra 15 minutes or so in the shower, lathering over and over and it left my skin nice and soft with no weird residue.

The hand butter was actually pretty light, not thick and heavy like some butters can be and the smell was sweet with a little citrus while the vanilla lip balm was smooth and long lasting!

The thing I likes best about this box though is that it was all for me, which is so rare. When do we ever get something totally for ourselves Haute Moms? My older girls take all my hair products, my clothes, my makeup, I mean I may as well just consider all my stuff communal property. So it was really nice to just enjoy something solely for me.

By Sunday I pulled my life all the way back together, spent another hour or two just tending to myself, washed & twisted my hair, did my eyebrows, let me daughter do my makeup and was ready to face the world again. My 13 year old even made me breakfast again for the second Sunday in a row.

Although this box was gifted to me by Hello Mama, it’s definitely something I can see myself subscribing for in the future so I can look forward to a #MamaMoment like this every single month. Self care is so critical and I definitely don’t do enough of it, how about you?

If you want to have a monthly mama moment for yourself then you should definitely go on and try a box for 30% on me!! Just use code HAUTEMOMS at checkout www.hellomamabox.com 



PS I’m running a FREE GIVEAWAY of a Hello Mama Box in my private community of Facebook. Join us for a chance to win your first box FOR FREE!!.

So thankful for my Haute Pink Mom Tribe who are always there for me like girl… it’s ok, you go home and do just that, relax, eat brownies, what flavor ice cream do you want chocolate or vanilla?! We’re a community where Haute moms are able to take their capes off and JUST BE!!

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