Last week I shared 2 posts on the actual mourning I felt leaving my career for mompreneur life on the home front. You should probably go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. 

This week I have teamed up with Ms Jennifer Pink, fellow Haute Mom, Entrepreneur and Superwoman! She is a single mom life coach, mentor, ministry leader, change agent and proponent for helping others GROW through what they GO through. She has 4 Amazon Best-sellers and is expecting Baby # 4! Her company is Sage Mentoring, her own brand is Ms. Jennifer Pink and next year her non-profit The P.I.N.K. Foundation will make a comeback!!

Jennifer Pink

Ms Jennifer Pink

Today we are sharing what we recommend for any Mom who is ready to take the leap like we did into the entrepreneur pool headfirst! First up will be my suggestions, yours truly, followed by Jen!

Carrie Pink


Write An Actual Plan

Don’t leave anything out. Who you are, who your clients are, where you will find them, how will you bring them in, what you want to help them with and as many  ideas as you can think of for how to monetize your services or brand.

Decide how much sidework you will do

There are times when all entrepreneurs have to take a sidejob or two to keep the lights on, but you to decide how much of your time they can take or they WILL unexpectedly become your full time thing.

Structure Your Time

Create time blocks so that you can work, eat, shower, run errands etc. like right now I am writing this post from the library. I gave myself a 2 hour block to write, edit and post. However tomorrow I have a doctors appt so I am grouping all my errands together to get them done while I am already out, next week I have a lunch date so I don’t expect to get much done creative work wise although I will be networking and brainstorming.


I structure my day in terms of rocks, paper and sand. The rocks are the things I DEFINITELY have to do, typically they are money making activities or things that will cost me if I don’t get them done by a certain time. Paper are the items that aren’t as important but I need to get done as some point or another. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but typically within a particular week or month. Sand are the things I honestly need to delegate to someone else or hire a VA for. They are chores I need to assign my kids or husband, or operational things for the business like scheduling blog or social media posts after I write them.

Understand the creative parts of your business will become the smallest part of what you do 

This may sound surprising, but you will probably spend the least amount of time on the actual part of your business that excite you the most. The core functions of your business will become the operational things necessary to keep it running and they will take up 90% of your time, while the creative will happen in spurts and only be 10% of the time. So if you want to spend more time on the creative pieces see my last suggestion below.

Don’t be afraid to get things off your plate 

In other words, get a team sooner rather than later. I can admit I hoover over all aspects of my business and want to control all parts, but when I hosted my 1st Pink Finance Brunch in 2016 I used a team and I mean the weight off my shoulders was amazing. Having other people step in and do what they are great at, helped me to be even better at what I’m great at! In the beginning you will be everything from the CEO to the Janitor of your business but the sooner you move the operational things off your plate the faster you will watch your business grow.

Ms Jennifer Pink

I mean what recommendations can I add LOL those are EVERYTHING!!! Mine are more focused on the emotional part of it… (which was equally if not more important if you ask me -CP) 


Let Go of ALL YOUR Expectations
As you journey into full time entrepreneurship you have an idea of what your days will be like, all the amazing people you will connect with and the money you will make on your own terms. Throw it away, all of it right NOW! The truth is until you start walking in it you have no real idea of what your journey will look like. The quicker you lose the expectations, the quicker you can THRIVE in YOUR Journey
Schedule  Adult Time and Personal Time
It’s easy like really really easy to get consumed with making your business work because there’s nothing to fall back on anymore. It’s easy to start chasing dollars so much that you eat, breathe, and dream about your business 24/7 you know the same way you use to do your job. Before you start and become neck deep in being an entrepreneur schedule your adult interaction time and your personal time whether you do it weekly or monthly just schedule it NOW and don’t give yourself an inch to not follow through with the schedule
Those Who Stand With You or Support You Today May Not Be There Tomorrow
The biggest heartbreak for me came when my supporters, my tribe, my go to team weren’t ready to rise up to the occasion of the next level of entrepreneurship that I was in. See, working and building a business is VERY VERY different that being a full time entrepreneur and everybody isn’t ready. It sounds GREAT to everyone, but when you start needing results like yesterday, when you start asking them questions they don’t want to answer, when you have ZERO time for the games, shenanigans and extras they start falling off and that’s okay. They were meant to get you to the point where you are today and not to the point where you need to go tomorrow. My husband told me almost everyday before I even knew I was going to make the jump the more successful I become the more I will have to protect my space because every one who is here today won’t be here tomorrow.
Loyalty is a way of life and everybody ain’t Loyal
Loyalty is not a seed you plant that grows throughout your relationship, it’s who a person is on their own. Pay attention to the life they lead, the loyalty they play to themselves because that’s the truth to how loyal a person is. Loyalty doesn’t have a level of success it’s something people aren’t or are and the GREATER you become the easier it is to see true loyalty vs fake commitment because they can use you.
Most Importantly Failure is Success
Every idea won’t work. Every plan won’t pan out. Every event won’t make you money or break even. But when you fail you have the opportunity to GROW, to LEARN and that is where true success lies. If you fail and give up, then there’s no where else to go, nothing else to do; but if you fail and grow you get better, if you fail and analyze and learn why the more you know for the next time.The more you grow and learn the easier it is to make a dollar. So focus on growing and learning your business, you as a person, your family and I guarantee you at the right time it will ALL cause a major shift in your purse.
And here’s one that we can both agree with.

Enjoy The Process 

Russell Simmons once told me, the journey is actually even more important that the destination. People may be impressed with all his success, but they should see his failures if they really want to be blown away!

Are you ready to take the leap or know a mom who is? Share this post with her! What other questions or concerns do you have? Have you already taken the leap and have suggestions to add to this list? Drop them in the comments below!


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