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Need to Make More Money? - Carrie Pink

Last week I asked my Haute Moms what they needed most to get their finances in order and the #1 answer I heard was MAKE MORE MONEY! Followed by a very close second runner up of financial discipline.

Let’s tackle the more money answer first. For those who already have day jobs, I wanted to share some resources you can use to bring in extra cash besides the most obvious answer of change jobs.

1. Adjust your budget.

Often we have more money than we think if we were to just manage our money better. Freeing up cash you already have can be better than going out there and adding more work to your already busy life. Try the 50/30/20 budget and see where you land or figure out what you can do to reel yourself in.


2. Ask for a raise.

You already know you are not being paid what you are worth so why don’t you ask for more? The thing with asking for a raise is it’s probably only something you get to do once a year so you need to be fully prepared. You need a list of your accomplishments for the year, which means you need to start keeping track if you haven’t. Whatever you contribute or bring to the table in terms of value needs to be communicated. Below you will find not only the do and don’t of asking for a raise, but also what management says sways them.



3. Get a side hustle.

This is at the bottom of the list because our lives are already busy. Taking time away from family and just life in general to work a second job or hustle may not be worth it depending on your situation. However, if you are doing something like consulting or selling a talent or item you make you may find that you make more in a shorter amount of time than you do at work all day (best case scenario) Definitely possible and something to consider.



Next week I’ll share how to start working on the discipline you need when you actually get your hands on the extra cash you’re looking for.

P.S. It’s never too early to start saving for the holidays, if you want to participate in my 8 week holiday savings challenge starting October 1st, just join my SuperSavers Club, an accountability group for you and your coins. The ladies in this group have been savings for the last 3 years, and have socked away over $128,000!!


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