Moms do you ever get stumped looking for healthy snack ideas ?

My kids are already back in school and whether they pack lunch or buy lunch they always have to bring a healthy snack from home for the classroom, so today they’re having graham crackers with banana slices.

You can even add nutella, peanut butter, almond butter (whichever you like best) to this snack idea but since the kindergarten classes are all nut free I save that version for home.

I shared this snack idea with the Haute Pink Mom Tribe, my private facebook group and asked them to share their kids favorite go to snacks as well!

Here’s a list of all their answers in one convenient place, feel free to bookmark this page for later in the year for the days you are clean out of snack ideas!

Also feel free to add to the comments, the most requested/favorite snack foods at your house!

Snack Options with Fruits/Veggies

  • celery sticks (or reinvent the classic ants on a log which is celery with peanut butter and raisins to one of these exciting options from The Food Network)
  • carrot sticks
  • grapes
  • apples (whole or sliced with peanut butter)
  • berries
  • applesauce
  • fruit cups
  • pineapple slices or chunks
  • raisins
  • grape tomatoes
  • mangoes
  • bananas
  • avocado slices or cubes
  • homemade smoothies
  • organic popcorn
  • veggie chips
  • trail mix
  • guacamole and chips
  • nutrabars
  • banana bread

Snack Options Without Fruits/Veggies

  • dry cereal
  • yogurt
  • pretzel chips
  • string cheese
  • pirate booty
  • graham crackers
  • club crackers
  • granola bars
  • goldfish crackers
  • unsalted tops with jelly
  • seaweed sheets
  • cheese and crackers
  • brown rice cakes w/ almond butter or peanut butter
  • mini muffins

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