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Give Up Shopping Cold Turkey! - Carrie Pink

I love shopping but you guys probably all already know that with a financial coaching site titled Your Financial Stylist, but I knew I was over indulging and needed to give up shopping as a hobby, habit, leisure activity.

I gave it up cold turkey for 2 year before coming out of my ANTI STORE HIATUS..

Now of course with any addiction  habit there’s a potential to relapse right? Especially after having been out the stores for so long, EVERYTHING LOOKED SOOO GOOD!

But how did I curb the shopping junkie syndrome and stick to it for so long to begin with?

Well I had a more important goal. I wanted to quit my job, so I had to save every possible dollar if I was ever going to make that a reality, so I created a 4 step strategy..

First I unsubscribed

When our favorite retailer has a sale we usually are the first to know via our inbox. I eliminated the temptation by unsubscribing from all my favorite stores email lists.

Then I stepped away from the shopping cart

Online shopping gives us the convenience to spend more than we expected. Anytime I got tempted and would go online an start filling my shopping cart, I would at the end, X out of the shopping cart and Empty your cart & Step Away from the computer!

If you have kids and have to shop because they have outgrown EVERYTHING like mine

Set a budget, make a list..

First I have a mental list of all the items they need and as I see them I buy them.. only if they are within the budget price I’d consider paying for such items…lolol..

Lastly, I don’t step foot in the women’s section.

If there is one thing I’ve realized, if you love to shop you will ALWAYS find something you like enough to buy. Don’t trust that you will be able to put it down and walk away, until the addiction is squashed you will have weak moments and buy. So until that time, avoid the women’s section. Shop like a man lol go straight to the kids section, pick up what you need, pay and LEAVE!

Here’s the thing,we need to get a handle on any vice that is draining our financial future, so sometimes it’s necessary to put yourself on time out!

We have to face realities too, if you not have a hefty savings of $3000-$5000 for emergency expenses and are not saving for retirement… then truthfully you don’t even belong near a store…

You never know when you’ll have an emergency and with layoffs, or illness a real possibility, you have to prepare in some sort of way, and something has to give so you can get prepared.

Cover your own back, you can’t rely on Uncle Sam. He has a max he’ll cover you for on everything, job loss, medical disability.

If you already started an emergency fund but are only putting $20 in it a month, while spending $50 or more shopping its time to turn the tables.. on yourself!

Savings should always come first.. play money after.. If there’s money left.. SHOP

If there’s nothing left? whomp whomp.. sorry ;(

You’re closet might suffer for a moment in time, but your bank account will grow…

Who out there has a shopping problem like I did? lol Would you consider this strategy to keep it under control or you too addicted to even try??? It’s ok you can be honest we won’t judge you.

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