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Turn Summer Staples Into Fall Outfit Faves! - Carrie Pink

Nothing is more basic in the summer than a pair of shorts and a tank top, but now that fall is rolling in how can we upgrade that look to handle the cooler weather and make it a fall outfit fave? Click Pics to Shop

First let’s swap out those shorts for some skinny jeans, like this pair from Levi’s (click pic to shop)

Of course distressed jeans are everything right now, so if that’s more your flavor here’s a pair that should do the trick (click pic to shop)

Next onto your shoes. A ankle pump will upgrade this simple fit by 100%, so go on and grab a pair like these pink ones, which you know I love!  (Click Pic To Shop)

Now to fallify a maxi sweater/cardigan will keep you warm AND stylish! (Click pic to shop)

Add a chunky necklace (click pic to shop)

and some sunnies (click pic to shop)

Viola and here’s the completed look that I actually rocked myself. How’d I do!?

This look is suitable for everything from errands to brunch to happy hour! It’s simple, yet stylish for a #HauteMom

What do you think? Are you ready to fall-i-fy your wardrobe? What summer items do you keep in rotation into the fall?  Let me know in the comments below.  😉


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