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Breastfeeding and Baby Food - Carrie Pink

This morning as I was breastfeeding Baby Cinco I was so glad that I stuck with him on this.

Summer was breastfed for 2 years, but 2 months ago with Cinco I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated, it never felt like he was getting enough. I had even consider supplementing him with formula. He was a big baby and alwaysssss hungry. I just felt like I was feeding him constantly.

Thankfully that time has passed and now we have a good psuedo schedule going, so as long as he wants breastmilk I will continue to feed it him.

Because he’s breastfed and a whooping 20 pounder our doctor is allowing us to introduce cereal and veggies a little early so he can get full.

Excitingly he loves to eat, so I’ve been in the kitchen pureeing squash and carrots and apples for him. Summer and London never ate store bought baby food either. I made all of their food myself which makes friends, families and strangers always sit back and get wide eyed asking how I find the time.

The answer is simple, I make the time.

Why? Because I want to know what they are eating for myself.

At the height of the 20th century the majority of babies in this country were breastfed, and those who couldn’t breastfeed their mothers hired a wet nurse or fed them a homemade formula. When did we fall into the consumerism hole even with our babies?

When did we learn to trust the manufacturing process of big business more than our own kitchens? When did convenience trump everything and even determine what we allow a newborn to ingest over what we create ourselves in our own bodies?

You know how many people have criticized me for breastfeeding my kids, yes even my newborn Cinco, saying things like, “just make him a bottle and be done with this breastfeeding thing already.”

It is just mind boggling to me how brainwashed and willing we are to defend big business, convenience, and consumerism…

Not only are these businesses swindling you to rely on them for your every need, they are also charming you straight out of your coins. Do you realize how much money is made in baby products? Formula alone does annual sales of over $7billion per year globally, and the US accounts for 33% of that market. Let’s not add on baby foods, pampers, the list goes on and on.

How much of that are companies putting back into your pockets?

Im sorry but my babies are not for sale, their diets are not for sale either.

Just a little food for thought this morning.

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