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About - Carrie Pink


Carrie Pink Family

Hi I’m Carrie Pink,

Welcome to my personal blog ;0)

I should have done this years ago. A free space to just share life through my eyes. From the throes of marriage and motherhood, to building a business, this journey has definitely been interesting.

Like most women I wear numerous way too many hats; so as if being a wife and mom of 5 isn’t enough, I also run a personal finance coaching business called Your Financial Stylist.

Dare I admit I have hobbies too? I love to do all things creative, decorate, paint, read, host events, re-purpose furniture, cook. {Whew, you tired yet? I am!}

I also enjoy spending quiet time working on my relationship with God. Jesus Christ is the reason I have made it this far, from whom all my blessings flow so I give all the honor and glory to HIM. Hands Down Period.

Welcome to my little home on the net where I’ll give you the real of how I hold this whole thing together with duct tape and Jesus, so you can do the same at your house!




Here I’ll share lifestyle tips and tricks I’ve learned as a married mom of 5  (4 daughters and a son). Resources you need to manage your household more efficiently, as well as connect with your kids and significant other. I’ll also talk about marriage, maintaining relationships and my personal experience raising a family of 7!


In this section I share everything I can from my experience as a finance coach. I’ve been teaching finance since 2002 and learned a ton on my journey from career chaser to entrepreneur ;0) So this area will also give you a peek into how we afford all these kids and manage our family finances!

Fashion & Style

I truly love style so here I’ll be posting outfit pics, closet confessions, shopping hauls and ways you can do the same for less! I’m frugal, but decided from day one that frugal should never equal frumpy so let me give you a behind the scenes exclusive on how to go from over-spender to bargain hunter, while still looking like a million bucks!

Food & Fitness

I love food, but I also want to be healthy and in shape, so here I’ll share different recipes I come across, recipes you submit and ways we can all change our diet and our families. As a bonus I’ll also be posting videos of me and my girls in the kitchen, and ways the hubs and I stay in shape!

Personal Diary

Just me, you and our private thoughts about issues that affect women specifically. Obstacles we have to tackle personally and professionally, and how we are able to overcome them.


This site wouldn’t be complete without a section on our relationship with Jesus. I have learned so much about God and what he expects from us since getting saved 3 years ago, especially how God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. So faith is weaved all throughout this site and I will also talk specifically with you about my journey. 😉

Want to get to know the other ladies who read this blog? They are all members of my private community on Facebook called the Haute Pink Mom Tribe. You can find us in there any day talking about anything from stretch marks to side hustling! Join the Conversation 

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