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Hi I’m Carrie Pink, Your Financial Stylist. I’m a lifestyle blogger, finance coach, and mom of five who teaches extraordinary women like you how to blur the lines between frugal and fabulous so you can live an overall richer life. 

Like most extraordinary women I wear numerous hats; so when I’m not helping redesign financial lives I’m at home being a wife to my husband, supermom to my 5 children, getting dressed up (oh like you don’t just randomly do that too!), brunching (a girl’s gotta eat), hanging with my friends, traveling, shopping, cooking, or spending quiet time working on my relationship with God.

So this site is about much more than just what’s in your wallet! It’s about my personal journey through life, areas where I struggle, have stumbled, and ways I feel I can be most helpful to others, as a fellow woman, mother, wife, career chaser, and entrepreneur.

Truthfully, experience has been my best teacher thus far. I’ve made tons of mistakes and learned so many of my lessons the hard way, so my goal here is share those experiences which I hope in turn will help you avoid making the same ones I did. (some of which were super costly btw)

The good thing is, even though I’ve been through so many pitfalls I keep bouncing back, by the grace of God, every single time. So if I can consistently be saved from borderline ruin & destruction there is nothing you can’t conquer!

My goal here is to provide each and everyone of you with as much information as I can and as many tools as possible, so matter what comes your way you will have what you need to brave the storm, and even take a chance to dance in the rain. And if worse case scenario a storm comes along that knocks you off your feet for a bit, at least you’ll have a toolbox ready so you can dust yourself off, start over, and rebuild.

I’m here to teach you, guide you, assist you, cheer for you, encourage you, as you change whatever you feel needs refreshing or revamping in your life, whether it’s your wardrobe, parenting style, relationship, or financial situation, so you can pass on what you have learned to others and they too can live a richer life.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon, I’m so excited to share my journey and learn more about yours too.


Carrie Pink

This site is divided into 4 sections


In this section I’m going to give you all the money tools you need to take responsibility for your financial life and start building wealth. We’ll cover everything from budgeting, savings, investing to every day money management. I’ll even include what I learned on my journey from career chaser to entrepreneur.


Here I’ll share my lifestyle as a married mompreneur with 4 daughters and a son. I call my kids my House of Little Ladies and a Prince. I’ll also talk about how my husband and I afford them all! 

Fashion & Style 

I truly love style so here I post outfit pics, closet confessions, and my shopping hauls! I decided from day one that frugal should never equal frumpy, but being fly can get expensive. So I’ll give you a behind the scenes exclusive on my transition from overspender to bargain hunter, while still looking like a million bucks!



This isn’t really a section, but my life isn’t complete without mentioning my relationship with Jesus. I have learned so much about God and what he expects from me since getting saved 3 years ago, especially how God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. So my faith is weaved all throughout this site and all up in my posts. 😉


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