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Would you believe me if I said you can have it all?

Nice clothes, shoes, vacations, a home, car, all your bills paid, savings, investments, wealth to pass on to your children… Sounds like a dream? Well you aren’t sleeping! Your name doesn’t have to be Rockefeller, Carnegie, Gates, Buffet, Beyonce or Jay Z.

What if I told you it was very possible for you to conquer financial life and live abundanty too? In fact it’s not only possible its achievable and you can build it for yourself. Still not a believer? Keep reading. 

I’m Carrie Pink; Supermom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Writer, Motivational Speaker. I love High Fashion, Healthy Finances, Travel, SHOES and a whole bunch of other things too! 

So while I’m actually here to help you build or rebuild your financial life, I will also talk with you about all things life..mommy life, married life, style and travel lifetoo. I just like to sum it ALL up into one catchphrase ;-)

I’m Your Financial Stylist, see what I just did there….  

What’s a Financial Stylist? Well I am someone who understands that

  •  As women we don’t always want to sacrifice our lifestyles to get our money in order,
  • nor do we want to sacrifice all our funds to be fabulous!

That’s where my expertise comes in. I show women how to blur the lines between frugal and fabulous by teaching them how to build strong financial foundations and enjoy a lifestyle they love!

How do I do this? We’ll get to that don’t worry, stay with me.

Now I know our finances are a taboo topic.

We ladies don’t let just anyone even hold our purses let alone go inside of them! But how else can build something stronger than before if we don’t know what was weak to begin with? This is a safe place where we all share our worst financial mishaps.  Even me. I share my experience on how I corrected my own bad financial habits. I’ve had a pretty rough financial past honestly.

  • I blew an inheritance of over $60,000 by the time I was 21.
  • I let an ex boyfriend rack up $20,000 in debt (in my name) and ruin my credit by 23.
  • After paying that debt off, raising my credit score over 200 points, and buying an income property,  I still ended up in bankruptcy by age 28.

I’ve been through every financial pitfall there is out there so if I can bounce back from all of that there is nothing you can’t conquer financially.

In fact, within 3 years after filing bankruptcy I was earning over $100,000 and rebuilt my savings and investments to over $90,000 raising my credit score over 200 points for the second time!  I understood that financial pitfalls were only temporary and with consistency and discipline ANYONE could improve and rebuild their financial picture.


To help every woman who needs the tools and information I used to rebuild my financial life. Women who wanted to change their financial situations for the rest of their lives and pass on generational wealth to their families.

Looking for a Financial speaker for your group? Contact me!

What makes me qualified to help you fix your financial life?

Well for starters my experience has been the best teacher. I learned all my lessons the hard way, but if that isn’t enough and you still want all the technical credentials here they go!

I hold Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in NYC where I studied Economics and Film-making, to essentially become an accountant for movies. In 2007 I received my Master’s degree from Columbia University in NYC and have a certificate in Finance from NYU. Need more?

I began studying personal financial and the emotional psychology of shopping back in 2003 while my finances were in the toilet. I read every personal finance book I could get my hands on. I rebuilt my credit and my savings but was in no way prepared for the housing crisis of 2008 which forced me to file bankruptcy. Post bankruptcy, I rebuilt my finances a second time and started teaching other via seminar and workshops on everything I learned in personal finance and financial literacy. I then started speaking nationally on money mindset.

More about me and what you’ll find here


This site is about more than just what’s in your wallet! I’m a married stay at home mompreneur with 4 daughters. I call them my House of Little Ladies. In early 2015 I left a 10 year career in real estate to pursue my goal of helping every woman fix her finances without limiting her lifestyle. I want every women to be able to build and pass on generational wealth to her family. It doesn’t matter how much money you make it’s always about how much money you keep and invest!


I’ve been married since 2011 and my husband is an entrepreneur as well. We live in NYC and hope to move to the burbs one day. Feel free to read more about how I manage my family life hereI talk about my

  • life as a mom and wife,
  • challenges I face as an entrepreneur,
  • fun stuff I do with my kids,
  • date nights with my husband,
  • dealing with my tweens,
  • and a toddler in the terrible two’s.


I also post a ton of personal style pics, beauty and shopping hauls that you can check out in my Style Diary! I decided from day one that Mommy should never equal frumpy, but being fly can get expensive.  After having kids I thought less about shopping and more how I was ever going to be able to put my babies through college one day! But I didn’t want a closet full of mom jeans, moo moo’s or buzz cuts to do it so I started challenging the way I shopped, became a bargain hunter,  really focused on quality, not quantity, outfit remixing and even started thrifting!



My family  loves loves loves to travel and we post pics from all our trips, check out my Travel section where I share tips on how I travel on a budget.

Here’s a pic of our girls on our most recent trip to Paris, France.



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