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Can you really have it all?

You already have all the education you can get.

Now all you want is the perfect relationship –marriage, 2.5 beautiful kids, and your dream house. Did I say house? I meant mansion, with custom interior decor, closets full of world famous designer clothes and bags to match your collection of red bottoms. You’re on track to claim that corner office, and build a million dollar side business so you can vacation regularly in San Tropez.

I mean it’s only right, because you deserve to drink the finest champagne on a 100 foot yacht no? but,

Keeping up with the Joneses dream lifestyle has been a tougher struggle than you thought, hasn’t it?

  • You’ve yet to meet any real life Cosby’s or Kardashian’s for that matter and
  • Your finances are on the cliff !

You DO have the closets full of clothes, bags and red bottoms, but… 
There’s still something missing from your sense of style and your bank account.

Trust me I know the feeling, I was once in your shoes, daydreaming about the perfect life, relationship, and family, while my finances imploded because of bad business deals, impulse shopping, and zero personal discipline, right before my eyes!

Thankfully everything changed for the best when I decided to throw away the “list” and fix all my relationships especially the one with money almost a decade ago!

Hi! I’m Carrie Pink,

The Fashion & Financial Stylist, Lifestyle writer,  Speaker, and Entrepreneur holding this whole kit and caboodle together with God’s grace and duct tape!

I graduated from Hunter College where I studied Economics and Film with a concentration in Accounting & Screenwriting. I also earned my Masters Degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University in 2007 and worked on the largest ground up master plan expansion project in NYC since Peter Cooper Village, and is valued at over $600 million.

Married to , to my love Duane. He & I are a blended family with 4 daughters we are raising here in NYC.

Try being all that before bedtime every day!

Women ask me all the time, “Carrie what’s your secret?

You’re married with four kids (and unbelievable snap back might I add), well educated, in a professional career, running a business on the side, yet still find time to do so much more AND  look great! It seems like you can pull together a complete look in a heartbeat while I just pray to find something semi-clean in the laundry basket! Please let’s talk, tell me your secrets on how you do it ALL!”

My secret?

I am constantly redefining what it means to have it ALL.

That’s how I conquer it, by only focusing on the things that matter to me and my family.  Not what society says all is, or what my neighbors think all is. ALL for me is based solely on the things that truly matter to my own life and it’s divine purpose. That’s how I make it look so effortless and easy, because I’m not playing by anyone else’s rules except God’s, and yes he also gave me this duct tape and I’m not afraid to use it!

Ready to chuck that list and redefine your ALL too?

*rummages for extra rolls of duct tape*

Here you’ll read about personal choices, parenting woes, financial decisions and wardrobe meltdowns I’ve experienced maneuvering my professional career, while dangling off the ledge of entrepreneurship as a woman and a wife. I’m not perfect on any day, but I’ll also share the best resources and tips I’ve found for dealing with it ALL, from life obstacles to bad hair days, impulse shopping and more.

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