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Can you really have it all?

Hi I’m Carrie Pink, The Financial Stylist and I will teach you how to build your finances so you will never have to let being on a budget limit your style or your options!

After expanding my family I was looking for creative ways to challenge my spending habits, without sacrificing my lifestyle, my options or my sense of style. I soon realized there was no better way to resolve what had become an emotional relationship with money over the years than to go to the source, which was my closet.

Amongst my favorite things I did a quick survey of items that were only worn once, didn’t fit or still had the tags on! The money I wasted was in the thousands and knew this had to stop if I ever wanted to teach my daughters how to build a solid financial foundation themselves. I also knew there had to be other moms out there who like me wanted to change the course of their financial life not only for themselves but for the future of their families and had no idea where to start.

Women ask me all the time, “Carrie what’s your secret? Where do you shop for your kids, how do you seem to always spend so little? Save so much yet live so fabulously? It seems like you can pull together an outfit, vacation, or social gathering in a heartbeat while I just pray to keep myself afloat daily!”

My secret?

I began studying financial literacy and the emotional psychology of shopping over 10 years ago when right before my eyes my finances imploded because of impulse shopping, zero personal discipline and a few bad business deals! Since then I have shared my knowledge by hosting workshops, seminars and speaking engagements across the country.

For the technical fine print, I hold Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College where I studied Economics and Film-making with a concentration in screenwriting. In 2007 I received my Master’s degree from Columbia University in Real Estate Development and a certificate in Finance from NYU.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and 4 daughters.

As creator of the lifestyle blog here on you will find advice and practical solutions to everyday dilemmas and financial woes faced by ambitious careermoms and entrepreneurial supermoms holding it all together with duct tape.

*rummages for extra rolls of duct tape*

Here you’ll read about personal style, parenting woes, financial decisions, and wardrobe meltdowns I’ve experienced maneuvering my professional career, while dangling off the ledge of entrepreneurship as a woman and a wife. I’m not perfect on any day, but I’ll share the best resources and tips I’ve used for life obstacles, bad hair days, impulse shopping, DIY, home decor and more.

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