3 Summer Brunch Styles to Steal

3 summer brunch styles t steal

There is something special about brunch season. Even as summer starts to come to a close there is something extra special about the fact that so many delicious dining establishments offer brunch menus making the weekends that much more exciting. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t crawl through my week with the thought of brunch at the end of the tunnel keeping me motivated! Maybe it’s the delectable foodie concoctions being offered or the great deals on mimosas and bloody mary’s that have me buzzing with excitement…(pun intended) Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s a fantastic excuse to get together with friends and wear some adorable outfits. Perhaps it’s a combination of all the above 😉

Brunching is not to be taken lightly, and that’s why getting dressed for the occasion shouldn’t be taken lightly either. There is no better time to show off some of your favorite daytime outfits that aren’t acceptable for work—after all, when else would you get to wear them?! If you’re gearing up to get the gals together for a fabulous brunch one last time before labor day rolls around, be prepared for all the Instagrams to ensue and get your brunch outfit on point. These 3 summer brunch style ideas below will have your look picture-perfect for summer brunch.

The casual jeans look

Brunch is meant to be relaxing and indulgent. When heading to brunch with your friends, you don’t need to look as polished as you would with your parents. Keep it casual and cool with some light-wash jeans, a simple yet playful striped blouse, and a contrasting handbag, like the polka dot one shown here. You’ll be comfortable enough to enjoy your pancakes, but you’ll also be surprisingly stylish when you keep things simple.

Sundress style

Many people like to use brunch as an excuse to wear a flirty sundress that flows in the breeze and allows your body to breathe. I say go for it! Sundresses are essential in the summertime, and there are so many adorable frocks just begging to be brought to brunch. Try a trendy look with a high-neck halter style like this one, and it’ll bring you beyond brunch into whatever other activities you have planned for your beautiful weekend day.

Days of denim

Denim is one of the most stylish fabrics of the season, so when it doubt, throw on a chambray shirt. You can pair it with some quirky patterned shorts, many of which are loose and comfy for after-brunch walking around! Then, finish off the look with an androgynous touch like some on-trend, lace-up flats, as this page suggests. Flats are much better comfort-wise compared to heels, and lace-ups will add just the right amount of detail to a cool, on-trend outfit.

As you are getting ready for brunch, don’t forget that some of the most important clothing items are the last-minute add-ons. Experiment with that panama hat you’ve been dying to wear and layer on those gorgeous necklaces like you’ve seen celebrities do. You’ll be dressed to the nines in no time, making brunch your most stylish event of the week.

Happy Brunching!!!


Gen Z and Investing: Interview with Financial Expert Neale Godfrey

Every so often I get the amazing opportunity to talk to another rockstar in personal finance and share their wealth of knowledge with all of you. This time I had the opportunity to interview financial expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author Neale Godfrey. She is an expert on kids and money and has written 27 books including Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children and Neale Godfrey’s Kids’ Money Book and since most of my mommies want to ensure we teach our kids more than we learned I know all of you are as excited as I am to hear what she has to share.

Neale founded the Children’s Financial Network, whose mission is to educate children and their parents about money. She also created the Green$treets kids cartoon in order to entertain and educate kids. She reaches approximately 2 million parents and their kids via her programs and guys she even has an app! Check it out it’s called Unleash The Loot! 
Today we’re talking about Gen Z and Investing. You know Generation Z is a special group. They are bolder, they want to discuss money and want to avoid making the same mistakes we did, so I hope that you share this interview or learn something new yourself, let me know your thoughts in the comments below after you watch the video! Hope you enjoy!


How to Buy a House Your Family Will Love

buy a house your family will love

If you want to buy a house, it’s a big deal. A new house is the place where your family will lay their hats and call home. It’s also a major financial commitment. You want to make sure you’re investing money (and getting into debt) for a home that the whole family will enjoy.

Here are four ways to buy a house for the whole family:

Set expectations from the start

There’s nothing worse than a surprise you don’t like and the last thing moms need is a temper tantrum from their kids on moving day.

If you’re moving to a new neighborhood and your kids need to change schools, it’s important to talk about the changes before they happen. This way your kids will be ready and although they may not be happy (at first) they will be mentally prepared.

Take your kids to visit before you buy a house

As soon as you see a home and walk around the space you know if you like it or not, the same is true for your kids. After you’ve decided on a home it’s a good idea to bring them over to visit and get a feel for the place before moving in. This can definitely help them ease into their new lives.

Talk about the moving process and what’s involved

Let’s be honest, moving with children is hard. Moving with several children and pets can definitely throw a mom off her rocker. If your kids are old enough to understand what’s going on, then they’re old enough to help out.

Sit down and teach them how to pack a box, how to write their names on the top and how to wrap their things in newspaper or bubble wrap. Having a few extra pairs of hands can really help take some stress out of the moving process.

Make sure you can afford the mortgage

Getting into debt, especially big debt, affects the entire family budget. Having a big house in a good neighborhood is nice, but not if you can’t afford it. Talk to a mortgage broker and use financial budget calculators to make sure you can afford to buy a house.

When you have a family relying on you it’s hard to explain that their lives will change because you’re moving into a new family home. When kids have sports to play and dance recitals to perform they may not understand that the family doesn’t have the money to pay for their favorite things. That’s a choice you need to make with your spouse and as a family – it’s O.K. to talk to your kids about money.

Do they want a big house with a pool or do they want to play football?


Why It’s OK to Let Your Kids Make Money Mistakes

Child with crayons

Would you let your kids make money mistakes?  As parents we want to make our kids lives as easy as possible, but at the same time we want to teach them how to be responsible and accountable for their own actions.  How’s that going for ya’ll?  Sometimes I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to teaching my kids what’s right versus letting them learn the hard way.

When it comes to money I’m going to try and lead by example.  If my kids make money mistakes and get into financial hardship somewhere down the road I will do my best to teach them how to fix the problem, but I won’t bail them out.  That’s too easy.

Here are threes reasons to let your kids make money mistakes:

They will learn from the mistakes

Well here’s hoping.  Sometimes you can talk to a child about money until they’re blue in the face, but the only way for the information to stick is for them to learn from experience.

If you’ve ever experienced financial struggles you know that it’s the worst kind of stress to have because money (whether you have it or not) affects every part of your life.  If your child gets into debt and works hard to pay it off, once they become debt free they’ll never want to go back to being broke.

It will teach them how to be financially responsible

There is no other way for your kids to improve their less-than-perfect-financial-situation other than changing their habits.  Actually there is one other way – you could encourage your kids to marry rich, but that’s probably sending the wrong message.

In order to afford the lifestyle your kids want to have, save money to buy the things on their dream board or pay off their debt they will have to change their habits.  Those habits will stick with them for their entire life and it will help your kids avoid making financial mistakes in the future.

They will learn the value of a dollar

When your kids are young (like mine are) money is a magical thing that their parents exchange for new toys, clothes and food.  Until they start working for it I’m not sure that kids actually understand the value of a dollar.  However after they graduate college, enter the real world and start paying rent they will quickly learn that money doesn’t grow on trees.

When your kids work to earn their money they will hopefully appreciate it more and think twice before spending it on wasteful things.

Would you let your kids make money mistakes?


How to Wear All Black Like a Boss

How to Wear All Black

Whoever said orange is the new black obviously never rocked a little black dress and felt the power that comes with looking your best.  As you know from my style diary I love adding color into my wardrobe, but there are very few things as elegant and glamorous as being dressed in black from head to toe.  Think Beyonce at the Super bowl, need I say more?

Being dressed in all black is glamorous, not Goth.  However there is a right way and a wrong way to pull it off.  A black dress and black high heels with pearls (even if they’re fake) is classic, but we can add a twist to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.

Here’s how to do wear all black like a boss and do it on a budget:

Add a statement necklace

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a colorful Prada dress, don’t sweat it.  A little black dress is versatile and can do from day to night with a little help from the perfect accessory.  A statement necklace adds a pop of color to an all black ensemble and it also says “look at me”.  Who doesn’t want that feeling when they walk into a room?

Adding color with a statement necklace doesn’t need to cost more than $15 if you shop at places such as H&M or Century 21.

Don’t knock the shoe game

If you want to have all eyes looking at your legs then add color and style with your shoes – think Carrie Bradshaw.  You don’t need to walk along Fifth Avenue in NYC to find the best shoes in the game.  If you go to TJ Maxx or DSW you can find great heels at discount prices.

Adding colorful shoes to an all black outfit, whether it’s a little black dress or a power suit, makes it a little more feminine and adds a taste of your personal style – which I’m a huge fan of.  I prefer hot pink heels, but jewels and multi colors also work well to dress up your attire.

Go big with your bags

Going from the office to drinks without making a pit stop at home makes for a long day, it also means you need a lot of stuff.  A clutch is great for a short evening out on the town, but if you want all the necessities you need a real ladies bag.

A purse is a practical accessory, but it also lets you add a pop of color and style to your outfit.  Think big, bright and bold when it comes to your bag.  There’s no bling too shiny and no color too bright.  If you’re craving designer labels for your bag hit up your local thrift store.  You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

Dramatic colorful makeup

All I can say is “get it girl” when it comes to your makeup.  If statement necklaces, over-the-top shoes and bold bags aren’t your cup of tea then get dramatic with your makeup.  I’m not talking Jem and the Holograms, but dramatic eyes and colorful kiss-me-lips help brighten up an all black outfit.

What’s our favorite way to wear black?