Business and Babies: Work Life Balance is a lie!

business and babies

Whether married or single, the title MOM is filled to the brim with To-Do’s. We have kids to raise, dinners to cook, a 9-5 to work, and businesses to build. Our day planners are inundated with reminders and tasks from dentist appointments to business meetings, yet we somehow manage it all with a proverbial super hero cape swinging behind us!

But the biggest inside joke between moms near and far; is this concept of work life balance. It scores right up there with leprechauns, pots of gold, and unicorns as the biggest myth of all time. How can we prioritize and balance the business of motherhood when it has no quitting time, days off, or personal time? *rolls eyes*

We moms know that our time is not really our own anyway. We may make the rules but our kids truly lead the ship. When we want to read our favorite magazine for an hour, a crying baby will stop our reading cold turkey and the magazine gets put down. We may have events we want to attend, but a child under the weather will immediately change our plans and schedules. We can plan and prioritize until we are blue, but the sacrifice associated with motherhood is one call we will ALWAYS answer.

Halle Berry once said you can be all things, just not all at the same time, and that may be one of the best definitions of “balance” to date. It’s nearly impossible for us as moms to perfect balance in our lives and that’s totally ok. This week we may commit all of our free time to business projects, which means the kids are eating take out all week. Next week we may have ballet recitals and basketball games to attend so work may only get done in the wee hours of the night under the midnight oil.

Do you ever struggle with work life balance? Read more on how I handle this feat and what you can do too over at 




4 Secret Alternatives to Expensive Childcare

4 Secret Alternatives

Getting Creative will help keep your costs DOWN!

If there’s one thing expectant moms lose sleep over, it’s the exorbitant cost they’re going to pay for childcare. Especially in cities like New York, where childcare costs can be comparable to rent payments. Unfortunately it’s not surprising to hear NYC moms say they are paying upwards of $1,500 a month or even more for childcare.

Disclaimer: I am a mom of five living in Brooklyn who’s been through the childcare search quite a few times and have never paid more than $600 a month in child care. Maybe you would consider this kind of anomaly just pure luck, but since I’ve finagled it four out of five times so far, I’ll let you in on my top secret tips to finding alternatives to expensive childcare.

  1. Ask for recommendations from seasoned parents. New parents are likely to be stuck in the same conundrum as you hunting for affordable alternatives themselves, but seasoned parents with older kids in preschool or higher can be childcare information gold mines. When I was expecting my first child, I asked friends with kids (and friends without!) for suggestions and referrals. One friend mentioned my hunt to her mom, who referred me to a retired preschool teacher looking for a family to work with. After an interview and reference check, I hired her 3 months before my daughter was even born! (Ok, so maybe this one was a slight anomaly.)

Need more tips? Check out the remaining 3 alternatives over at Well Rounded NY, where I am now a monthly Finance Contributor!

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My 2016 Style Diary


You may have heard me talk about high low mixology before, which is my personal strategy for combining high end and low end items together to create million dollar looks for pennies, but this year I want to show you first hand how I do it.

In my style diary this year I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts and videos introducing 3 new types of fashion posts:

Style on a Dime

Closet Confessions

The Outfit Remix

I’m not a fashion blogger in the traditional sense so you won’t see the latest trends all over my posts and you certainly won’t see a slew of ridiculously expensive shopping hauls either…

The top things I will be sharing through these posts are my shopping rules for when I do hit the stores, my favorite places to go,  how I maximixe my shopping budget and how I pull it all together in the Style on a Dime section.

I’ll also share all my favorites in my closet with the Closet Confessions.

Lastly I’ll share how I shop my own closet by taking things I already have and remix them in new ways with different items to create new outfit combinations.

But don’t worry when I do shop I’ll share my haul pics too

Style is a state of being, not a price tag or name brand… You can achieve inpeccable style for pennies, if you have a keen eye and personal flair, but if you love certain brands I can show you how to shop for those too on discount!

Style should never be about the brands, its more about knowing your body, what looks good on you and how to pull it all together beautifully every single time.

What we’re trying to avoid here is you being the person who spent the equivalent of one weeks salary on an outfit with every major label included and still don’t look like anything stylish, while your bank account keeps going down…..down…. down!

Then with all the money we’re saving by shopping smarter, I’ll show you what you can do with all your newfound riches in the FINANCE section!

Ready to check out my first Style On A Dime post?? Just click the link below..



Style On A Dime: Episode 1


Let’s start off the New Year with a bang!

With style and grace, welcome to my first Style On A Dime post for 2016…


I knew I would be attending a formal event on New Years Day, but being pregnant for the majority of 2015 you can ony imagine it was a little hard to shop for an event that would happen a mere 2 weeks after delivery, but I am open to taking risks in fashion and in life every now and then lol

This outfit was purchased in a cheap women’s clothing store downtown Brooklyn back in September, no name brand, no fancy label… Just a $20 clearance sticker because the zipper in the back was broken. I went in there to find a throwaway top for Essensefest, which I did, this was just a bonus win! It’s an all in one jumpsuit, rose gold sequin top with a zip and button closure in the back.


The black bow pumps were a $20 purchase from Payless a few years ago maybe 2011/2012 and the clutch was a mere $6.99 from TJMaxx purchased on New Years Eve.. (it’s actually a make up bag… Shhhh!)


Here are some extra deets…

Jacket: Vintage Faux Fur that belonged to my grandmother.
Jumpsuit : $20
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless $20
Clutch: TJMaxx $6.99
Cost to fix zipper? : $0 I fixed it myself

Total price of this showcase $46.99

Yes its possible to spend very little yet look like a million!

Have you ever found a epic winning outfit in the most unlikely place???


Stop Bring an Underachiever with the 52 week savings plan

Stop being an underachiever with this 52 week savings plan , it is not a challenge….Mediocrity is not to be celebrated. 52 weeks to save $1358 is pitiful.




In fact the only person who should be proud of saving $1358 is a year is the person who only makes $13,580 a year. If you make more than that this savings goal is NOT an accomplishment.

The number is arbitrary, does not take into account income, debt, goals or other financial factors.

Its just another bandwagon tool that people tend to jump on to celebrates doing something! Look I did something.. I have committed to being an underachiever, broke, not focused on real financial freedom or maximizing my financial potential.

Let me show you how to save $1000 is 2-3 months..

Your minimum savings per year should be 10% of your income. Each and everyone of us should be able to live off of 90% of our salary.. If you cannot then your lifestyle (read as bills) is too high & extravagent.

If you make $50k then your goal should be
$5000  for the year MINIMUM

$60k a year? Then your goal should be $6000 or $500 a month, which give your $1000 in 2 months and $1500 in only 3 months…

Keep that going for the whole 12 months? You’ll have $500 x 12 = $6000

Any questions? Need help getting your budget on point? Email